Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make you and your family's health a priority this winter.

Hello, this is Dr. Mozingo, I am writing to help you understand the winter woes of your health.

Each day when you walk out into the cold crisp air, do you feel yourself tense up?

A natural reaction to cold temperatures is for your shoulders and spinal muscles to draw in tightly, trying to hold your body tight and maintain an optimal core temperature. Shivering is another natural response to cold temperatures, and all shivering is, muscle contractions to increase thermal energy in the body to maintain a healthy body temperature.

Does this have any negative effects on your health?

The body's primal defense mechanism for the common cold, or flu bugs, are the white blood cells that course through the body. When the body is invaded by these bad bacteria or viral agents, the body automatically sends the proper white blood cell to the area to attack and and destroy the condition causing nuisance.

Did you know that you can help your body defend these pathogens without getting a dangerous flu shot?

The immune system is a very complex machine in the body, and it needs a lot of support from your daily activities. I am writing to help you learn ways to improve your health by making your immune system as strong as possible. 

  1. Drink plenty of water: 
    1. Water is necessary to aid the digestive system and also flush out the bad stuff that accumulates in the liver that can inhibit your immune system.
  2. Stay away from antibiotics:
    1. The digestive tract utilizes many good bacteria to build the immune system. When you have optimal levels of probiotics in the large intestine, you body is better equipped to build antibodies, or attack mechanisms, against all of the bad bugs that we become exposed to.
  3. Eat whole food vitamins:
    1. There is an endless amount of reasons how vitamins course through our body making it more effective at fighting disease. Vitamin A, D, E, C, and Bs, are all very effective antioxidants that will give your body the fuel it needs to fight off the winter woes.  
  4. Get Adjusted:
    1. When the body is tensed up do to the cold weather, it can put added pressure on the spinal segments and cause spinal fixations. Some chiropractors will cause this a "Subluxation" but due to the inability to define such a thing with science, I only use the term fixation.
    2. The lymphatic system is the primary control to send white blood cells to the place of attack by the winter bugs, and this lymphatic tissue must be pumped through the body by movement. 
    3. Spinal fixations can inhibit both the flow of lymphatic tissue, Eustachian tube tissue, and also cerebrospinal fluid. When these fluids are blocked up, you can experience 
      1. Chronic infections
      2. Ear aches
      3. Migraines
      4. Back and neck stiffness 
      5. Many more!!
There are many ways to continue to make your health better each day. The New-Start Solution is designed to ensure that you are following the proper path to health. Lets face it, no one likes to be sick or get the flu, and the flu shot doesn't really work that well. 

How about trying a natural approach to improve your health?

It could change your life....

~Dr. Moz
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