Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Should I Eat? New-Start 7-Step Solution to Becoming Healthy

Becoming healthy is not an easy path. We often continue asking ourselves, "What Should I Eat?" There is no definite right or wrong answer to what a person should eat, but research has found that a whole food diet is the best protocol for improving health, losing weight, and feeling great.

The human body is comprised of trillions of individual cells, and each cell requires many diferent vitamins and nutrients to function and perform at an optimum level. The Standard American Diet, consisting of fast food, processed food, and genetically altered food has left each of us depleted of many of the micronutrients that our body needs.

The New-Start 7-Step Solution to Becoming Healthy is going to be weekly post that discribes a very natural and effective way to improve your health and change your life. If there is ever a time, as you go through this program that you have any questions, feel free to email or call New-Start Health Center.

Step 1: Prepare Your Pantry

The vast majority of Americans wake up, eat a mediocre breakfast and go to work each day. During a work day, people commonly eat less or healthier, simply because they do not have time to grab a bowl of ice cream, or pick up a bag of potato chips and eat them. Almost everyone complain about one thing, "when I get home from a long day, all I want to do is watch TV, and EAT JUNK!"

As we wind down from a long work day, our stress levels are up, so comfort foods are a normal stress reliever. As most of us wake up and go to work 5 days a week, it is fairy easy to fall into bad habits. Preparing your pantry is the only way to keep this phenomenon from happening.

What is Prepare Your Pantry?

This step starts the concept, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." It's simple, if the foods that increase obesity, increase inflammatory diseases, and decrease overall health are not in your household, you can not fall victim to their addiction.

Yes, I said ADDICTION. Double blind studies of mice that were fed doses of cocaine (a VERY addictive narcotic) and other mice that were fed artificial sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, nutrasweet etc) resulted in the cocaine fed mice were drawn away from cocaine, and the addiction of artificial sweeteners took control. This means, artifical sweetened products have more euphoric, addicting properties than cocaine.

There are many foods that are hiding in or cabinets, refrigerators, and pantries that drive inflammation, disease, and poor health. WE MUST start this process by removing those toxic foods from our houses, diets, and lives.

If you suffer from any chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue syndrome, or are just wanting to lose weight, It is important to follow these seven steps. Starting with Prepare Your Pantry.

To download a this quick reference guide to Prepare Your Pantry, click here.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Introducing Massage Columbus, Indiana

New-Start Health Center proudly presents Columbus, Indiana with a necessary change in health care. The next step in the path to true health lies with relaxation, and wellness of patients.

Massage, Columbus, Indiana, is the next step. New-Start is currently accepting new patients that seek massage therapy care to alleviate muscle tension, physical stress, and emotional stress. Coupled with evidence-based chiropractic care, massage is a great therapy to restore the body to optimum biomechanical form. New-Start Health Center is excited to add a Massage Therapist to the staff.

Many of our day to day stresses cause a build up of tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck regions, massage is a very proactive therapy to relax the troubled tissues, relieve pain, and relax any person who utilizes this ancient therapy.

New-Start Health Center will provide the following massage techniques:

  • Swedish
  • Deep tissue
  • Muscle release
  • Therapeutic

So if you are interested in reserving a massage session Call New-Start Health Center TODAY! (812) 799-0668

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Monday, July 16, 2012

LipoLaser, Now In Columbus

What can a LipoLaser treatment plan do for you?

Meridian Lapex BCS LipoLaser can benefit the body in many ways. Fat cells are the body's storage stations, storing energy, water, glycerol and toxins. The LipoLaser uses laser technology to stimulate fat cells, perforate them, allowing the stored material to enter the interstitial space. The released fluids from fat cells then enter the lymphatic system, where the LipoLaser has strategically been place to stimulate lymph nodes.

LipoLaser treatments decrease the size of fat cells, detoxifies the body by removing the stored toxins, and stimulates the skin to tighten and reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

Also, this LipoLaser is FDA approved to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. So along with reduction of fat, cellulite, and stretch marks, you also benefit from decreased pain and inflammation in the body.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weight Loss, A Side Effect to Healthy Living

Almost every person in America has thought about ways to lose weight. We look at weight loss as becoming heathier, but health is not a direct relation to weight. Health is a lifestyle. Fad diets, caffeine loaded supplements, and short term weight loss programs are not the answer to either weight loss or becoming healthier, instead, its a journey. The journey has a very detailed set of steps to achieve true health.

  1. Purification: The American diet has left our body ridiculed with toxins, fats, and poor digestion. The first step in becoming healthy is to rid the body of toxins, start the fat buring process, and stimulate good digestion.
  2. Supplementation: Eating healthy has become more and more difficult. Fast paced lives and factory farmed foods have left our bodies depleted of all natural vitamins and micronutrients. Organic, whole food supplementation is necessary to fill the voids in the American Diet.
  3. Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care: When a person is in pain, it is difficult to be motivated to exercise, eat healthy or improve their health. Sedentary lifestyles, improper lifting techniques, and poor biomechanics leaves the body with many pain syndromes. Muscle imbalances, spinal fixations, tendon/ligament sprains and strains are a few of the many conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care.
  4. Increase Physical Output: This is the final step of achieving HEALTH. After chiropractic care has introduced the body to pain free movement, it is crucial to get up and keep the body in motion. Exercise has many benefits to the body, relieves stress, increases energy, increases libido, and INCREASES HEALTH.

If you follow these four simple steps, it is Clear to see that WEIGHT LOSS is a side effect of becoming healtier.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Columbus, Chiropractic is Changing

In Columbus, Chiropractic care can be found in many different forms. But, what is chiropractic? What are chiropractors taught to do?

Everyone has heard the stipulations and criticisms, "once you go to the chiropractic, you have to go forever," or "go the the chiropractor, and get your back cracked!"

For decades, chiropractors have listened to these comments and designed a very lucrative business around them. There are many chiropractic management companies the the US that have catered to this business model, exploited it, and have put the entire profession at jepeordy by simply diluting the efficacy of the chiropractic profession. This overuse, overpresciption, and misguidance by the chiropractic profession has been taught by the best, pharmaceutical companies. The theory is simply, scare people into believing they can not live without it.

New-Start Health Center is different, chiropractic care is not a business, it is a treatment, a treatment to alleviate DYSFUNCTION.

Dear Columbus, chiropractic care is essential, it is scientific, it is efficient.

The most common reason Americans seek intervention with a doctor is simply, PAIN. Low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, headache, leg pain, etc. The problem is, PAIN is just a symptom, PAIN is how the body lets us know that something is going wrong, this is called, DYSFUNCTION and most doctors never look for the true DYSFUNCTION, they just block the PAIN.

If you are tired of seeking pain relief with no results, call (812) 799-0668 TODAY and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, and let's get you back to the PAIN-FREE Life you are missing.