Friday, January 15, 2016

Release the Grip of Traditional Medicine

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I want to start this by making it clear that I am not trying to demonize traditional medicine. Clearly, there is a place for medications, surgeries, and general medical medicine practice.

The principle idea for this blog is to help you understand that there are other options in regards to taking care of your health.

Millions upon millions of dollars are spent every single day by big Pharma to make sure that you are constantly bombarded with advertisements stating that they have the next best medication for whatever seems to ail you. It is amazing how happy every one of those actors are on the big screen, simply because they started taking this miracle drug to block or hide all of their symptoms.

As far as business marketing goes, I would say big Pharma are geniuses. They control the health care market, and they have created a health care system that seems to only have ONE method of treatment, pharmaceuticals. We have no connection to the adverse affects of medications and the traditional medical system.

As I scan through the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, some of the numbers are pretty alarming.

Did you know:
  • The average person ages 65 to 69 take almost 14 prescriptions
  • Those over 80 take nearly 18 prescriptions
  • 15-25% of medications used by seniors have been considered unnecessary or even inappropriate
  • Medical related problems or accidents cost the US $177.4 Billion, yes Billion, a year
  • Adverse drug reactions is among the top 5 greatest threats to the health of seniors
  • Each year, 32,000 seniors suffer hip fractures from medication-related problems
  • "Any symptom in an elderly patient should be considered a drug side effect until proven otherwise." -- J. Gurwitz et al. Brown University

There are many more interesting stats to be noted, but you can go to the site above and check it out for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, the traditional medical system is necessary, but I encourage you to try and understand that it is not necessarily the best choice for your initial method of care. Chronic conditions are addressed with medications as the initial plan of care, and it should not be this way. Low back pain is quickly addressed with muscle relaxers and opiate pain medications, this should not be the case.

Diet and lifestyle based conditions like high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity are addressed with synthetic medications to cover up the symptoms, instead of the doctor taking the time to address the root cause of these condition to prevent them.

Try Alternative Medicine First

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This blog is to encourage each of you to further explore into the alternative medicine avenue.

The true beauty of alternative/holistic care, is that is will actually follow the Hippocratic Oath, "If at least, I will do no harm".

Holistic medicine such as
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Herbal Supplementation
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

Will not only work to restore your health, it will do it without causing any harm to your body.

Dr. Mercola, a renowned holistic healthcare practitioner  wrote an article called
Chiropractors and Exercise Are Better than Drugs Says New Study

I encourage you to read this to help understand the difference between allowing the traditional medical system be your initial treatment option, or holistic healthcare.

The truth is, whether you are a senior or not, you know someone that is. You will be some day, and your health today affects you then. If you can start to take control of your health without dependence on a medication regimen, your health will benefit in the long haul. Hopefully you can minimize the prescription levels, and hopefully, if we can start to see the trend in alternative medicine, we can reduce the 25% of unnecessary medications prescribed to the senior citizens.

Regardless of the symptom that you start to have. If you have been diagnoses with a chronic condition, find a holistic provider and just get a second opinion with their treatment options. If they can keep you off of a single medication, your health will benefit.

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