Friday, September 28, 2012

How a Chiropractor in Columbus can help

Sympathetic Facilitation (Fixable with chiropractic care)

Each function of the human body is controlled and mediated by the activation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS consists of two major players, the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).

The SNS and PNS are inhibitory to each other, meaning when one is excited, or turned on, the other must be inhibited, or turned off. As you can see in the picture below, each system’s action contradicts the other’s function. The SNS is responsible for the body’s flight or fight response to a stress, and the PNS is responsible for digestive function in a relaxed state as well as the maintenance of the body at rest.

When the SNS is activated, the digestive functions of the body are inhibited. When you respond to a fight or flight scenario, it is important to prioritize the blood flow of the body; shunting it from the digestive system and using it to allow maximum muscle function and mental clarity to protect the body.

This is a part of Sympathetic Facilitation.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diagnosis, The most important factor in health care

New-Start Health Center is changing the way we look at health in America.

Why is our health care system failing to improve the health of America? Why is the obesity rate climbing? Why are the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and all other inflammatory diseases climbing? The answer to the questions is this, misdiagnosing the true cause of each condition.  We MUST CHANGE  the way our health care system looks at the body, the way it diagnoses a condition, and the way it looks at treating a disease.

It is not the doctor’s fault. Each doctor is trained to treat each condition with a certain protocol and they are just doing their job. Antacids for heartburn, antibiotics for sore throat, tranquilizers for restlessness, statin drugs for high cholesterol, etc. are very common protocols. These therapies are effective at treating the symptoms of a bodily dysfunction, but they are missing the big picture, treat the dysfunction, not the symptoms. The main problem with treating symptoms is that it can lead to a domino effect. One medication could have a side effect, and without noticing the doctor will most likely prescribe another medication to treat the side effect caused by the first medication.

Instead of this therapy, the health professional needs to realize that the human body is just a machine. Each engine needs a few basic things to run; air, fuel, and electricity. The human body is the same, we need food for fuel, air to breath, and our nervous system is an electrical component that makes it all work. To further critique this, think about putting watered down gasoline in your car, or putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine. What would happen? The engine might run, but it will be running sluggish, rough, and unable to perform the duties that we rely on. The human body is the same, if we put unhealthy fuel into our body, the machine will not function properly.

While studying pathology in school, I realized that I started diagnosing as a child. Growing up on a farm allowed my brothers and me to get our hands on many different types of machinery.  It was important to realize each component and function of each machine. Each time we noticed some dysfunction in a machine, (tractor running rough, tillage equipment leaving rough segments in the soil) we had to diagnose what was actually going wrong with the machine. The approach I was taught was to first know what parts made up the machine, what each part’s function was, and most importantly, know what symptom the machine would experience if that part was faulty.  Once you understand symptomology, it is important that you are not trying to just fix the symptom, but you are actually trying to alleviate the symptom by fixing the component causing it.  When you do this, you will see that the expense of the fix is much less, because you are only the one part that you need.

To translate this back to health care is simple. As a health care provider, it is essential to know the many different organs and functions of the human body. It’s important to know the complex interactions between vitamins, minerals, and hormones of the body. And again, the most important information to know is the symptoms that the body produces to let you know something has gone awry.  To properly diagnose a condition, we must read to symptoms, and link them to the true organic cause. If we, as a profession, can accurately do this, care becomes simple, health becomes evident, and dysfunction becomes non-existent.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care. Roy Wasson's Thoughts.

The human body in all of its wonder is based around a few main processes. One of which being “homeostasis,” which basically means the body will do anything it can to make the internal environment as close to perfect as possible. Your body always wants your eyes to stay level and balanced to that you can properly move about. If you are sitting on a large wallet in your back pocket you would lean to accommodate. Instead your body shifts your hips instead of your whole body. Likewise if you have a sore left elbow, your body will keep that arm tucked up again it for safety and comfort which will shift to pull of muscles across the chest, arm and spine.  

Fast forward a couple days, weeks or even years and your body will have developed quite a neat structure alignment based upon these factors. The drawback for keeping our eyes level? Reoccurring pain in our necks and back from that large wallet and from the elbow left unaddressed there is now a noticeable difference in the muscle structure on that side of the body. In all of its work to adjust, the body has a difficult time undoing the work it’s done. That’s where regular chiropractic care and massage come in. With an adjustment from a Chiropractor the spine is able to “reset” if you will, back to a proper state and with regular Massage the body is able, among other things, to maintain its proper state and continue to function at its finest.

The connection between Chiropractic care and Massage care is extensive. The Chiropractor makes note of the patience’s condition and adjust accordingly. While the massage therapist notes the same details and preforms the massage accordingly. Each one being very effective on their-own but are even more so when combined. With the advances in modern medicine we are still seeing a return to more “traditional” methods. Hands-on work over medication is making a strong come back in terms of peoples personal health and well-being.

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