Step 1: Prepare Your Pantry

Let your kitchen become the most important room in your house. The kitchen should be filled with nourishing foods that are easy to prepare for healthy living.

FILL your pantry with REAL food, and THROW OUT the FAKE food.

Below are 10 rules to cleaning out your pantry. If after following these 10 simple rules you feel like, “There is Nothing Left to Eat” then you have been eating the exact foods that drive disease and inflammation.

  1. Ideally, have only foods WITHOUT labels. These are foods that do not come in a box, can, or package. These foods are fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and nuts. Some labeled foods are O.K. such as sardines, artichoke hearts, and some canned vegetables, just be conscious of the sodium levels.
  2. Labeled foods should have LESS than 5 ingredients. If they have more than 5 ingredients, THROW THEM OUT.
  3. Be cautious of foods that have HEALTH CLAIMS on the package. Adding FIBER to a sugar-filled cereal DOES NOT make it HEALTHY.
  4. If SUGAR (cane juice, honey, agave, maple syrup, cane syrup, molasses, etc) is on the label THROW THEM OUT. White flour and white rice are also forms of sugar. Diabetics cannot handle these products, and they only trigger weight gain, THROW THEM OUT.
  5. High-Fructose Corn Syrup, THROW IT OUT. If you see HFCS or corn syrup on a label, Throw It Out. HFCS is in the majority of processed foods, sodas, juices, “sports” drinks. It is POISON, THROW IT OUT.
  6. If you find a food with HYDROGENATED OIL on the label (margarine, vegetable oil, etc), THROW IT OUT. Hydrogenated oil is a marker for trans fats, and have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
  7. If you cannot recognize or pronounce the ingredient, THROW IT OUT.
  8. THROW OUT any foods with Preservatives, Additives, Coloring, or Dyes. If it says made with “natural flavorings,” has MSG (monosodium glutamate), or any food colorings or dyes, THROW IT OUT.
  9. ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (aspartame, Splenda, sucralose, sugar alcohols) make you hungrier, slow down metabolism, and causes fat storage. THROW THEM OUT.
  10. If it was GROWN on a PLANT, NOT MADE in a PLANT, you can keep it.