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Should I Vaccinate My Children? Question 1

First big question of the blog:

Should I vaccinate my children?

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Let’s talk about that though. I commonly hear the remark; you just don’t understand what it feels like to make that decision for your child, someone you have bared, etc. All this is telling me is that most of us in the US have decided the choice of vaccination or no vaccination is up to an emotional driven decision instead of a factual one, based on research.

“But the doctor told me this. The pediatrician told me that,” etc. There isn’t anyone that wants to tell you not to listen to your doctor, not me, not anyone, but you do not have to take their advice as the golden rule, end all beat all, no possible reason to look elsewhere, or get a second opinion. You have to be as much a part of your health as anyone. So, I encourage second opinions, doing your homework, and getting answers that you truly believe in.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to do what is absolutely best for their children. That I can understand, even if I am not a parent. So, to answer the question, as a non-parent, holistic health physician, and avid researcher, here goes.

In my opinion (see what I did there) I feel like the vaccine schedule is too intense. Too many vaccines at one time. Too many administered at too young of an age. But that is just my opinion, I will accept any criticism for that.

Let’s start talking facts. 

Do vaccines work? 

You are going to find a plethora of studies that show how vaccines have eradicated some very serious diseases, and at the same time, if you look deeper, you will find that simply natural selection has eradicated these diseases. 

You will hear how autism is being expressed in children that get vaccines due to mercury and preservatives in the vaccine. Then you will hear about studies being shown that this is impossible.
It is nearly impossible to find the empirical evidence that you need to make the right decision, right? 
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As an avid researcher, I feel it is important to analyze the integrity of the research itself. Who funded it? Who stands to benefit from the outcomes of the study? Is there any way the data is skewed to ensure such an outcome that is beneficial for those who have funded it and stand to make a profit from it? This is where I find it hard to trust any evidence that is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. They stand to make $$BILLIONS$$ of dollars if the vaccine schedule seems effective. They are directly building a case to sell their products.

Then I look at the research that comes up with the latter of the terms. They show how vaccines are not working as it seems. They show how the decline in the diseases that are ever so boastfully acclaimed by the vaccine producing studies is simply a form of natural selection. So, I have to ask myself, what do these researchers have to gain for this work and information? I struggle to find a monetary gain. I struggle to see a power gain. I also struggle to see any reason for them to write this to falsely hurt the health of the people around them. Let’s face it. A non-biased company is not going to write about how vaccines are unnecessary if they actually are. They have no reason to try and discredit something that will ultimately keep you from contracting a major illness? Right?

So, I continue to look at the big picture. I dig deeper.

I am sure you have seen the epic amount of news articles about whistle blowers from the CDC discussing how they have corruptively hidden evidence of mercury toxicity from vaccines linking to autism. The struggle is finding this research. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT. So, in order to keep writing in evidence based way, I can only write about what I have found.

Have you heard of The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

Well it seems in 1988, the vaccine industry was struggling to make enough profit to compensate for the claims of harm done, so they created an excise tax on vaccines that gets paid to the CDC indirectly for these claims.

Since then, that value for the CDC has risen to over $3.4 BILLION. That seems like a conflict of interest to me, but hey, who knows?

So, do vaccines work?

Again, it is difficult to give an empirical answer to that. Studies show they do, studies show they don’t. But what I do know is this. Since the outbreak of measles from Disneyland, it does seem to be alarming that a percentage of those that contracted measles were of the vaccinated population… Yes, some of the spreading of measles has gone to the vaccinated population. So, does the vaccine work, maybe, does it not work, yes it seems so... You are probably not going to hear the exact numbers or percentages of those contracting measles which are vaccinated or not, because simply, the US, CDC, pharmaceutical world doesn’t want you to hear that vaccinated kids can get measles. Hmm.

Let’s move on.  Have you ever heard of Atypical Measles?

To quote

“Atypical measles syndrome (AMS): An altered expression of measles, AMS begins suddenly with high fever, headache, cough, and abdominal pain. The rash may appear 1 to 2 days later, often beginning on the limbs. Swelling (edema) of the hands and feet may occur. Pneumonia is common and may persist for 3 months or more.
AMS occurs in persons who were incompletely immunized against measles. This may happen if a person were given the old killed-virus measles vaccine (which does not provide complete immunity and is no longer available); or the person were given attenuated (weakened) live measles vaccine that was, by accident, inactivated during improper storage. Immunization with inactivated measles virus does not prevent measles virus infection. It can, however, sensitize a person so that the expression of the disease is altered, resulting in AMS.
Being atypical, AMS can be confused with other entities including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, meningococcal infection, various types of pneumonia, appendicitis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, etc.”
More alarming, is when you find out that encephalitis is a common symptom of measles and atypical measles, and now there is a dominant link to children with autism and also having encephalitis. Again, no empirical evidence to confirm this finding has anything to do with vaccines.
To clear this up, it seems that the MMR is not going to guarantee you will not contract measles if exposed. If you get the MMR there is a chance you will contract Atypical Measles from the vaccine itself, which can lead to encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and that is linked to autism in children. Again, these are just facts from the reading above. I am in no way trying to just attack the MMR vaccine, or measles in this writing, but the current outbreak does bring it to top of mind. The flu vaccine is another dandy, which is also on the schedule for vaccines according to the CDC for children under 1 year old.
Back to the main question at hand. Should I vaccinate my children?
This is an answer that only you can decide. I am unbiased. I can find research that shows how magnificent they are (with a blind eye on whom funded it) and I can find research that shows how devastating they can be.
But what would I do? (This is my opinion, take it or leave it)

As I said, I do not have any children of my own at this time. But, my children will be vaccinated on a
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very different schedule, if any. I will never allow a combined MMR vaccine to be administered, it is just too much. The more research I do, and the more it seems that vaccines are a danged if you don’t, more danged if you do scenario, I would say that I will do the latter. I am not a fan of putting a chemical, dead virus, inoculated pathogen, whatever, into the bloodstream of my future children unless I know that there is a 100% chance of no failure or complications. Considering the CDC has $3.4Billion in a compensation program, I am worried. Instead, I will promote a healthy immune system in my children. Help them build strong immune systems, ready to fight incoming pathogens. I plan to do this by providing healthy foods instead of processed junk. I will be sure they take a probiotic and eat fermented foods like sauerkraut. It is all too often that I hear parents discussing how difficult it is to get their children to eat healthy. This is an epidemic of itself. We will discuss that later in a future blog. 
Feel free to comment,
Dr. Trent Mozingo

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