Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care. Roy Wasson's Thoughts.

The human body in all of its wonder is based around a few main processes. One of which being “homeostasis,” which basically means the body will do anything it can to make the internal environment as close to perfect as possible. Your body always wants your eyes to stay level and balanced to that you can properly move about. If you are sitting on a large wallet in your back pocket you would lean to accommodate. Instead your body shifts your hips instead of your whole body. Likewise if you have a sore left elbow, your body will keep that arm tucked up again it for safety and comfort which will shift to pull of muscles across the chest, arm and spine.  

Fast forward a couple days, weeks or even years and your body will have developed quite a neat structure alignment based upon these factors. The drawback for keeping our eyes level? Reoccurring pain in our necks and back from that large wallet and from the elbow left unaddressed there is now a noticeable difference in the muscle structure on that side of the body. In all of its work to adjust, the body has a difficult time undoing the work it’s done. That’s where regular chiropractic care and massage come in. With an adjustment from a Chiropractor the spine is able to “reset” if you will, back to a proper state and with regular Massage the body is able, among other things, to maintain its proper state and continue to function at its finest.

The connection between Chiropractic care and Massage care is extensive. The Chiropractor makes note of the patience’s condition and adjust accordingly. While the massage therapist notes the same details and preforms the massage accordingly. Each one being very effective on their-own but are even more so when combined. With the advances in modern medicine we are still seeing a return to more “traditional” methods. Hands-on work over medication is making a strong come back in terms of peoples personal health and well-being.

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