Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Should I Eat? Omega-3 Oil

There is a lot of buzz about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids in the media, and there cannot be enough emphasis of the importance for healthy living. Omega-3 fatty acids have three basic forms that are utilized in the human body, ALA, DHA, and EPA. The actual names are not important as they are a long scientific name, instead I will discuss why they are important. Today, I want you to learn about ALA.

ALA is a plant form of omega-3 fatty acid, found in flax seed, canola oil, olive oil, etc. ALA is responsible for taking Calcium from the blood to the tissue. This transportation is vital to keep our skin healthy. Calcium deficiency in the skin can cause hives, canker sores (Herpes), and eczema. Calcium in the skin is important in fighting infection, so we need ALA to transport Calcium to the skin to protect us from bacteria if we happen to get a cut in our skin.

I want you to start thinking of how each of the nutrients in the body are working together to create a healthy system. You have most likely seen a vitamin D supplement that you can buy from the store, and it usually says "with Calcium." Why is that you ask? Vitamin D binds to Calcium to be transported from our tissues to the blood. So as we spend time in the sun, the oil in our skin is converted to vitamin D, and to get into the blood it utilizes the Calcium that is stored in our skin. As we spend time in the sun, we begin to tan, and eventually end with a sun burn. When we become sun burned from the sun, this is simply a deficiency of Calcium in the skin, because it has all been utilized to transport the vitamin D to the blood tissue. Sun stroke, skin cancer, and elevated blood pressure has been linked to elevated blood serum levels of Calcium, and decreased tissue levels of Calcium.

OK, back to ALA fatty acids. As previously stated, ALA is responsible for transporting Calcium from the blood, back to the tissue. IF you want to protect your skin, and your health, be sure to optimize your Vitamin D levels and ALA omega-3 levels.

Take the Vitamin D Deficiency Quiz and the Omega-3 Deficiency Quiz to find out if you need to balance your levels, and improve your health.

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