Friday, February 20, 2015

What is the best diet to lose weight?

As you can see, this is a similar question as last weeks about losing weight. Let’s face it, I am in the health care field, the weight loss field, and the nutritional field, this is a common topic of my consultations.

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To sum up the vast majority of miraculous diet systems out there, I would say you could put them in a few categories:
  1.        Calorie counters: These diets are based around the premise of counting every calorie you eat and try to stay at a certain low level to ensure you lose weight. It seems so obvious, a pound of fat is about 3500 calories, so if you eat 3500 less calories than you burn, you will lose 1 pound, right?
  2.        Appetite suppressors: These diets are all about decreasing your urge to eat. They use miracle supplements that just keep you from putting food in your mouth. This will decrease your calorie intake and ensure you lose weight. This is the same regard as trying to burn 3500 calories than you eat to lose weight.
  3.       Metabolism boosters: I am sure you have seen a plethora of supplements that claim to boost your metabolism. The idea is, if you boost your metabolism, your body will burn more calories at rest and you will lose weight. This diet seems so easy. I can eat whatever I want, and take this metabolism boosting supplement and let it do the work for me.
  4. .      Restrictive plans: These are designed to create a diet that restricts a particular food group. The low fat diets, zero carb diets, etc. The theory is that some food groups are responsible for your gaining of weight, and if you stop eating them, you will lose weight. I know you have heard of the anti-carb Atkins Diet. Everyone in the US has been brainwashed about how bad FAT is to eat. So, cut the bad out and you will lose weight, easy peezee.

Do you want to know the biggest problem with all of these diet systems????
They work.

Yes, the problem is they work. You do lose weight. The catch is, its temporary.

Sure, you shock your body by doing some radical change to your diet and you will lose some weight. There is a certain expense to this though. The Yo-Yo effect of dieting and weight.

Fun analogy time!!!

Think about losing weight as if you are trying to improve the gas mileage on your car.

A calorie counting or appetite suppressant diet will only decrease the amount of gas you put in the car. Sure, when your car runs out of gas and you are coasting along without the engine running, you will have a dramatic increase in your gas mileage. BUT> that car comes to a screeching halt and your car is sitting there without any fuel to run itself.  This is what happens when you restrict your calories to an extreme 1200 calorie a day or less diet. Yes, for a brief time, you will lose weight, but every functioning part of your body is being depleted of the fuel it needs to work properly. After time, you will shut down, and just like the car, you will start to fill that tank back up because your car, and your body demand fuel to function.  Now to get your body out of this extreme depleted state, your body is going to overfill its tank and you will add the weight back on, and typically plus some because the body is worried about a crash like that happening again.

Appetite suppressors are very similar to trying to water down the gas you put in your tank to get more out of it. Sure, you are going to use less gas, but your car is not going to run as well on this watered down replacement. End of the day, your car will get less miles per gallon per each gallon you put in because the fuel you are putting in it is just not what the car needs to run at its potential. Appetite suppressant supplementation basically make your body run at a less than optimal level because it doesn’t want to use up all of its stored fuel. And what happens when you run a car on watered down gas for long periods of time? Things start to fail and it eventually shuts down. You do not want this to happen to your body, because to get it started again, it is a lot like the caloric restriction diets, it will add weight back on to protect itself.

Metabolism booster supplements simulate the process of putting some super high octane booster additive into each of your fill ups at the pump to supercharge the energy that your car can burn. This is very effective; your car will run better, faster, and much more efficiently. The problem is this. Are you planning on putting this same additive in your car FOREVER??? Losing weight with a supplement that boosts your metabolism is great, but as soon as you stop taking this premium product, guess what happens? All of the weight you have lost, comes screaming back, plus some.

Restrictive plans are just ridiculous. The human body requires 3 forms of caloric intake to survive; protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Each of these macronutrients play their own vital role in the health and wellness of the body. If you cut one of these out, it would be like telling your car, sorry, your don’t need oil anymore. Sure the car will run a little while, but eventually, it will go bad, very bad.

So, back to answering the question. What is the best diet plan?

These questions that I am setting out to answer are some of the most complex things to answer in my world, but I will do my best.

How do you get better fuel mileage out of your car?

Every car will get better fuel economy out of premium gasoline. Sure we all of the expense of 87
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So, to wrap up the longest analogy of all time.

If you want to lose weight, stop looking for a diet plan. Stop looking for something to help you lose weight in the next 3 weeks.  You have to start looking at what you need to do to get your body running as smoothly and efficiently as it can. You have to fuel it with the best of fuel, and you have to understand that every time you go to a fast food joint, you are just putting watered down poor octane gas in your body and it will have a very negative effect on your goals.
I will repeat this and hopefully make it clearer.

There is no special diet plan that is going to be released to make you miraculously lose weight. The body needs fuel, good fuel, to make it function at its best. You need to plan on providing this premium food for the rest of your life if you want to keep any weight that you lose off for good. Yo-Yo dieting is detrimental to your overall metabolic function and it is a major struggle with so many of us. Overcoming the idealism that there is something wrong with your genetics and ability is an important step to becoming your biggest benefactor for your health.

I wish I had some happy ending to put here with a miracle diet plan, but I don’t. If I did, I would be the wealthiest man in the world, but after all of the hours of research I have done, I can assure you, the only person that will help you lose weight is you. You have to take charge of your health and plan on making this a lifetime life goal.

~Dr. Trent Mozingo

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