Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chiropractor in Columbus, A Change in Care

For decades, the chiropractic profession has been praised by some and scrutinized by others. Why is that? Why the deviation of opinions? The answer is simple, lack of unity in the standard of care in the profession. As a new chiropractor in Columbus, Indiana, I can proudly say that my education is very current and scientifically based.

There are about 14 chiropractors in Columbus, and every patient I ask about their experience with their chiropractor in Columbus, I receive a different answer. Each chiropractor has their niche that they use to treat patients, but each patient doesn't require the same care. Each diagnosis is different, and should be treated accordingly. Evidence-based chiropractic is a change in this model.

The most common reason people seek chiropractic care is low-back pain, followed by neck pain and headaches. Each of these symptoms have one thing in common, PAIN, but each also have a very unique way to diagnose the particular PAIN GENERATOR. Each patient that enters New-Start Health Center in Columbus, IN undergoes a thorough physical examination to establish the correct pain generator, and a conservative 6-8 visit treatment plan is prescribed to treat the true cause of the symptom accurately. The primary focus on New-Start Health Center in Columbus, IN is the get the patient back to PAIN-FREE living.

If you are tired of seeking pain relief with no results, CALL (812) 799-0668 TODAY and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, and Let's get you back to the PAIN-FREE Life you are missing. Visit www.NewStartHealthCenter.com TODAY!