Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Columbus, Chiropractic is Changing

In Columbus, Chiropractic care can be found in many different forms. But, what is chiropractic? What are chiropractors taught to do?

Everyone has heard the stipulations and criticisms, "once you go to the chiropractic, you have to go forever," or "go the the chiropractor, and get your back cracked!"

For decades, chiropractors have listened to these comments and designed a very lucrative business around them. There are many chiropractic management companies the the US that have catered to this business model, exploited it, and have put the entire profession at jepeordy by simply diluting the efficacy of the chiropractic profession. This overuse, overpresciption, and misguidance by the chiropractic profession has been taught by the best, pharmaceutical companies. The theory is simply, scare people into believing they can not live without it.

New-Start Health Center is different, chiropractic care is not a business, it is a treatment, a treatment to alleviate DYSFUNCTION.

Dear Columbus, chiropractic care is essential, it is scientific, it is efficient.

The most common reason Americans seek intervention with a doctor is simply, PAIN. Low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, headache, leg pain, etc. The problem is, PAIN is just a symptom, PAIN is how the body lets us know that something is going wrong, this is called, DYSFUNCTION and most doctors never look for the true DYSFUNCTION, they just block the PAIN.

If you are tired of seeking pain relief with no results, call (812) 799-0668 TODAY and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION, and let's get you back to the PAIN-FREE Life you are missing.