Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weight Loss, A Side Effect to Healthy Living

Almost every person in America has thought about ways to lose weight. We look at weight loss as becoming heathier, but health is not a direct relation to weight. Health is a lifestyle. Fad diets, caffeine loaded supplements, and short term weight loss programs are not the answer to either weight loss or becoming healthier, instead, its a journey. The journey has a very detailed set of steps to achieve true health.

  1. Purification: The American diet has left our body ridiculed with toxins, fats, and poor digestion. The first step in becoming healthy is to rid the body of toxins, start the fat buring process, and stimulate good digestion.
  2. Supplementation: Eating healthy has become more and more difficult. Fast paced lives and factory farmed foods have left our bodies depleted of all natural vitamins and micronutrients. Organic, whole food supplementation is necessary to fill the voids in the American Diet.
  3. Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care: When a person is in pain, it is difficult to be motivated to exercise, eat healthy or improve their health. Sedentary lifestyles, improper lifting techniques, and poor biomechanics leaves the body with many pain syndromes. Muscle imbalances, spinal fixations, tendon/ligament sprains and strains are a few of the many conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care.
  4. Increase Physical Output: This is the final step of achieving HEALTH. After chiropractic care has introduced the body to pain free movement, it is crucial to get up and keep the body in motion. Exercise has many benefits to the body, relieves stress, increases energy, increases libido, and INCREASES HEALTH.

If you follow these four simple steps, it is Clear to see that WEIGHT LOSS is a side effect of becoming healtier.

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