Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lose weight, Feel Great, Become Pain Free!!! The New-Start Solution

It is pretty clear to see that the health of America is declining. You can look around and see the changes in every generation. There is a staggering increase in diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, ADHD, Autism, etc. throughout the country. Recent studies have shown that by year 2030, 56% of Indiana residents will be diagnosed as ‘Clinically Obese.” This includes the youth, down to the age of 6 months old. I hope that each of you wonder… WHY? The answer is very simply, Our LIFESTYLE.

We go to restaurants and seek the largest portions of foods at the cheapest price because we are getting “more for our money.” We consume, on average, 150 pounds of added sugar each year. We are trained that if we have any symptom of disease, then we should seek the most current pharmaceutical medication that is advertised all over the television. More importantly, we have fallen into a digital world that allows us to sit at a desk, or on a couch and experience the world, WITHOUT ANY physical output. All of these things are the melting pot for an epidemic. That epidemic is now, and it is destroying the health of Americans.

What would happen if you decided to water down the gasoline that you run in your car to get more quantity for your money? Your car might run, but it would run poorly, you would lose fuel economy, and eventually the health of your car would become damaged. This is the same concept as to why our health is crashing in America. The common food system that we are exposed to is the same as watered down gasoline.

The food that you consume is your body’s fuel, and also, your body’s medicine. Our body requires many vitamins and nutrients to ensure that it runs efficiently, and if we don’t provide these vital ingredients to the body, our health will pay the price. Each food or drink that we consume is one of two things, medicine or poison. You are making this choice at each and every meal; provide to body with nourishing food, or provide poisonous food that drives inflammatory disease…

The New-Start Solution is an innovative approach to health. It is clear to see that the health care system in place is not working. There are many conditions that are becoming more prevalent in America, and no medication has a chance at helping. The New-Start Solution can.

The New-Start Solution is a 12 week program, designed to teach each individual how to modify their diet and lifestyle to improve their health, and change their quality of life. There are many food options in the program, and if eaten correctly, your diet will become the fuel and medicine you need to lose weight, feel great, and become pain free. After many hours of research, I have completed the New-Start Solution with one goal in mind, to Improve Your Health, and Change Your Life.

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