Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) Silent killer of American health

At New-Start Health Center, we are constantly doing research to help ensure each of our patients that true health is possible. As a chiropractor in Columbus, Indiana, I work hard to make sure everyone knows the many safe and natural ways to improve their health, and prevent disease. Today, we are discussing the new rumbling topic of GMOs.

For decades we have heard over and over again that high fructose corn syrup is just like sugar. We have heard that soy products are healthier than meat products. We constantly hear that Angus beef is what we are getting at the local fast food joint.  Recent studies have been leaked that organic vegetables are not better for you than non-organic.  What is the common denominator in all of this skewed and inaccurate information? The answer is GMOs. Well not GMOs, they don’t speak, but the producers of the seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides for these GMO products. But How?

Monsanto is the dominate advocate for the production of genetically modified organisms, simply because they are responsible for their production and their immense profits. Every time a food scientist does research of the negative effects that GMO products has on our health, they are hushed, sued, or demonized. Monsanto is in control of 90% of the agricultural seeds that are planted in American soil, and any negative research would hurt their profits, so they simply do not allow it to be produced. They are major lobbyist in our government, the FDA, and the USDA, controlling each medium for us to hear the truth. As citizens of America, land of the free, we have a right to know how dangerous GMO products are, and currently there are petitions, and bills being passed on a state government level that requires each food manufacturer to label if a GMO product is being used.  Start today, boycott these dangerous products, buy local, non-GMO products.

You might be wondering, what is a GMO? Genetically modified organisms are a product of a laboratory that takes the genetic makeup of a certain food, or plant seed, and alter it. Corn for example, they have modified the genes of corn to bear a pesticide, so when a bug starts to attack the corn seed, it will actually die. This is the same corn that is used to produce corn meal, corn syrup, and feed for animals. Round-up Ready soybeans are products that have a herbicide resistant gene implanted in it, and if Round-up Herbicide is sprayed, it will kill all of the vegetation except the soybeans that bear this genetic mutation.  THIS IS DANGEROUS STUFF. This is dangerous for our digestive system, our immune system, and our overall health.

A mixture of corn and soybeans ground together is the most common form of feed for every animal we eat in America. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, buffalo, and even fish are a few very common ingested meats that we as Americans consume on a regular basis. Every single one of those animals that are not marked as “organic” or “grass-fed” are most likely eating Genetically Modified Organism feed. This means our beef, poultry, pork, eggs, dairy, etc, are all products that bear the detrimental effects of GMO food. In turn, all of us that eat those products are hurting our health, increasing health care costs, and increasing pharmaceutical sales.

The agriculture and pharmaceutical business are both major factors in our health. It is important to see that they really do not have our health in their best interest. They are a business, and they are in the market to sell food and drugs at a profit. Do not let these major businesses pull wool over your eyes. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH! Start by eating the right foods, and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. This is the start to disease prevention.

Do yourself a favor, read our food guide. This is a very effective guide to teach you have to shop and avoid GMO products. It has a list of food manufacturers that will not use GMO products, so start there. Start with buying from a company that cares about your food and your health. Contact us by calling (812) 799-0668, emailing, or stop in our office if you're local to Columbus, Indiana to pick up a food guide!

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