Friday, October 5, 2012

Weight Loss? How do I lose weight?

The most common instinct for us to lose weight is one thing: stop eating so much.

This could be accurate, but only if you approach it correctly.

Stop eating so much sugar and trans fats is the only scenario that really stands true. Counting calories is never a good approach to losing weight because calories are not created equal. A 1200 calories/day regimen is the most common approach to losing weight right now.

Here is the thing, you cannot eat 200 calories a day of spinach and lettuce, and 1000 calories a day of soda. You are still following a 1200 calories/day diet, but the programming of the food changes the way the body reacts to the food, and the empty calories in soda are nothing like the nutrient rich calories of spinach. If you were to consume 2000 calories/day of spinach and 2000 calories of lean baked chicken, you are consuming much more than 1200 calories, but you are also boosting your metabolism, staying in a metabolic state for the entirety of the day, and eventually weight loss will happen.

60% of your daily expenditure of calories should come from metabolism, and the only way to do that, is to feed the digestive system with low glycemic foods, and feed it often.

Skipping meals to lower calorie intake will not work either. When the stomach becomes empty, it releases an enzyme called ghrelin. This enzyme is what triggers hunger. When the body is hungry, it goes in to a state of starvation, which slows metabolism, stores as much energy (fat) as it can, and stimulates your urge to eat. Bad eating habits happen when we are in this state, because cravings are at their highest, and sugar rich foods are always what we want. If we give in to these cravings, we will always be in a fat storage mode, and the cycle will continue.

There is only one solution for optimum and healthy weight loss. You must consume many small meals during the day. Each meal should contain each of the vital macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate). You need to consume these together to ensure a low glycemic load of the meal, to maximize metabolic function, and to increase your body’s ability to maintain a stable glucose:insulin level. Stabilizing insulin is one of the most important factors in fat loss. Fat is a stored energy, and it is very difficult to get the body to attack these fat stores and utilize them as energy. Glucagon is the hormone that is released from the pancreas that retrieves energy from fat cells to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.  Glucagon is antagonist to Insulin, so if our insulin levels are increased, Glucagon will not be expelled from the pancreas, and fat cell content will not be affected. Insulin levels are regulated by diet, eat many small meals that have a low glycemic index, high protein and fat intake, and consume less sugar. I mean, consume ZERO added sugar.

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