Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Health Care? or Sick Care? New-Start Health Center Shines a light

In our current society and medical model, we have lost touch of what true health is, or how to achieve it. We are victims of the media that leads us to believe that our health is in the hands of hospitals or doctors and the easily accessible medications and surgeries that go along with them.

If we do become sick, ill, or diseased, our health insurance system has led us to believe that ONLY they know what treatments are deemed “medically necessary”, and only these treatments will be covered under your insurance plans.

Wouldn’t “Health Care” cover preventative care, eliminating the process of developing disease? Yes, it would, But this is not the what we are used to. We are under “Sick Care” and we are forced to wait until we have become sick before any health care plan will cover it. And ironically, if you have been previously diagnosed with a condition, the health insurance company will not help you over come it. Strange?

“Yes, I Think so.”

Is this method working?

"No, I don't think so."

Is the health of our fellow Americans a reflection of that answer?

“Yes, I think so.”

But how can we know whether or not that these methods of care working?  How can we decide if we are being misled?

It’s SIMPLE, healthcare costs continue to rise! Medication prescriptions continue to rise! Surgical interventions continue to rise! BUT our overall health, as Americans, CONTINUES TO PLUMMIT! Obesity rates in Indiana are projected to affect 56% of the population by 2030, 50% of Americans are projected to be pre-diabetic by 2020. Heart disease, cancer, ADHD, Fibromyalgia; the prevalence of all these conditions is rising, and there is not a chance that our current systems will help. A change is clearly necessary. A change is here, the New-Start Solution.

What is the first step?

 “We must stop ingesting poison to mask symptoms caused by ingesting poison.”

After extensive research, it is concluded that out diet and lifestyles are driving an epidemic of inflammatory diseases, obesity, and dwindling health. Most of us have fallen down a spiral staircase of poor decision making, poor habits, and inevitably poor health. We are trained to wake up in the morning, and eat the wrong foods. We are forced to work and live in such a hurry, that the fast food burger joint is the only option for lunch and dinner. It is the social norm that if you become fatigued or tired, you grab a coffee to pump you back up (even though coffee bears zero caloric benefits. It is not a form of energy, but a stimulant, that allows the brain to tell the body to use energy that it simply doesn’t have, furthering the exhaustive problem). Alcohol intake is necessary to get us through our stressful week, but we would never take time to meditate, or get a massage. Kids eat a different processed frozen dinner meal than their parents. School lunches are ridiculed with poor quality, carbohydrate rich, and poisonous foods. We seldom have time to ourselves to reflect on the positives of life. We forgot all about the hobbies that used to complete our happiness. We have lost the ability to think outside the box, and we are all focused on one thing, getting through the day, just in time to do it all again tomorrow. We are taught that eating fatty foods will make us fat, so we all go after the chemically altered “Low-Fat” foods. The television constantly reminds us of the new “Miracle Pill” that will cure all, and then we head straight for the internet to self-diagnose ourselves, solidifying that we think we “NEED” that “Miracle Pill”. Each of these things, are a brewing pot for disaster, a concoction that will only leave us heavier, unhappier, and unfortunately, unhealthier.

Obviously, not everyone experiences all of these scenarios, but we all know someone that experiences most of them.

What can we do? How can we fix this?

“The New-Start Solution can help”

The New-Start Solution (NSS) has been strategically designed to let you: Take control of your own health, Take control of your life. The human body is designed to run at a very controlled state called Homeostasis. This means that the body is in sync with itself, all processes are functioning properly, and the body is disease free. There are many factors that can play a role in altered homeostasis, but the main three are: diet, trauma, and stress. NSS is specifically designed to treat and alleviate the body from this big three.

Nutritional therapy is prescribed to get your diet, vitamins, and nutrients back in a healthy range. Vitamins and nutrients are the major building blocks of every cell in the body, and they play a key roll in all major functions of the body: energy production, pH balancing, muscle contractions/relaxation, etc. Many major conditions or symptoms can be linked to deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients. Nutritional Therapy is utilized to treat these.

Chiropractic Care is a very safe and natural approach to treat any musculoskeletal condition caused by trauma. Trauma is a broad term that can mean anything from major car accidents to micro-trauma to the knees and back from running on a hard surface. A very detailed treatment plan is prescribed to assist the body in healing itself, with proven results. Studies have shown that regular chiropractic care is more beneficial for long term low back pain than medications.

Massage therapy is a key component to the New-Start Solution. We often carry the stress in our lives on our shoulders. As this seems figuratively speaking, it is actually literal. The major muscles of the shoulders: rhomboids, trapezius, levator scapulae, pectoralis minor and major, are consistently very tense within people who suffer from stress. Take the time out of your day, get a massage, and start the healing process of not only your muscles, but your mind.

Laser Assisted Fat Loss is the final touch to the New-Start Solution. As each of us suffer from a poor diet, pain and stiffness throughout the body, and increased stress, we typically neglect to find the gym. Laser assisted fat loss takes that away by contouring our body in hard to target areas, increasing our energy levels by transforming our FAT into ENERGY, and it gets you motivated to get in the gym to maximize the results.

The New-Start Solution is a CHANGE in Healthcare. A new way to approach the epidemic of obesity and inflammation. Every condition of the human body has an underlying cause, At New-Start Health Center, That is Exactly What WE TREAT.

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