Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Gateway Drug... Is it poison?

Gateway drug, newstart blogpoison [ˈpɔɪzən]
1. (Medicine) any substance that can impair function, cause structural damage, or otherwise injure the body

Seeing the title of this post, most people associate the term “poison” with a strange potion or concoction that is mixed up by witches with a large kettle or some venom that comes from the bite of a snake. But, the term poison can be used much more widely than the socially accepted idea.

Myself, and I am sure all of my readers, are not interested in ingesting something that is poisonous, right? We do not drink bleach, carpet cleaner, or gasoline, because we know that it will harm our health. We would never seek out a poisonous food and eat it, because all in all, we all want to be healthier today than we were yesterday.

It is pretty easy to understand that if you eat something poisonous, it will hurt your overall health, and no doctor would ever prescribe something that is poisonous, or something that will hurt your health, Right?

I wish it was true…

If you read the previous blog you will remember that we discussed the definition of disease. Disease is a result of an impairment of function. I discussed extensively how an antacid medication is the cause of disease because it impairs the stomachs ability to produce HCl.

After reading the blog myself, I realized that there is one point that I passed over. There is a definition for a substance that impairs a bodily function. As you can see above, the medicinal definition of POISON is any substance that can impair function.

What am I saying?

I think it is easy to make the connection that given the definitions of poison and disease, impairment of function is the major contributor to any bodily problem.

I kept trying to make a definitive correlation between antacid medication and the cause of disease, but now I think it is easy to understand how the proton pump inhibiting class of medications cause disease.

By definition of poison, a substance that impairs function is a poison. If antacid medications impair the function of the stomach, they are, by definition, a poison. Right?

So lets be clear.

A poison is a substance that impairs bodily function. Disease is the expression of the body when it has an impaired function. So ingesting poison will cause disease. Antacids impair the body’s ability to produce HCl (a vital nutrient for digestion). Antacids are a poison, that cause disease.

I hope that after reading these three blogs on The Gateway Drug, you all are asking yourself, and everyone that you know if you are a victim of the gateway
drug, antacids. If you catch yourself suffering from heartburn, I want you to understand the decision you are making when you mask that pain with Tums, or Prilosec. You are absolutely putting a poisonous substance in your mouth, and further health problems are almost inevitable.

As you are probably finding out from my blogs, I have no problem with being blunt. I am only trying to educate each of you on the problems within our health care system. If you do not open your eyes to seek the truth, you and your family will fall down the treacherous path that our health care system wants you on. The only outcome of this path is simple… Poor health, and expensive health care costs.

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Be informed, because after all,

Your Health is Your Responsibility

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