Monday, July 16, 2012

LipoLaser, Now In Columbus

What can a LipoLaser treatment plan do for you?

Meridian Lapex BCS LipoLaser can benefit the body in many ways. Fat cells are the body's storage stations, storing energy, water, glycerol and toxins. The LipoLaser uses laser technology to stimulate fat cells, perforate them, allowing the stored material to enter the interstitial space. The released fluids from fat cells then enter the lymphatic system, where the LipoLaser has strategically been place to stimulate lymph nodes.

LipoLaser treatments decrease the size of fat cells, detoxifies the body by removing the stored toxins, and stimulates the skin to tighten and reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

Also, this LipoLaser is FDA approved to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. So along with reduction of fat, cellulite, and stretch marks, you also benefit from decreased pain and inflammation in the body.

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